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JACKED UP! Cobee Bryant & Kansas Welcomed BYU To The Big 12 With A Vicious Hit Stick And Touchdown


This is a good time to remind everyone that Cobee Bryant is the most badass name in college football. There might be funnier names, but if you're a good player and your name is Cobee Bryant, it speaks for itself.

Look, this is a fucking vicious hit, which we see all the time, but to lay the wood like this and then seamlessly scoop it up and run it back for six is a whole different story. What a "Welcome to the Big XII" moment for BYU, on the same day the Oklahoma defense did the same to Cincinnati, waltzing into Nippert Stadium and shutting down the Bearcats.

In honor of this hit, here's a great JACKED UP montage from back in the day...

…ah, nostalgia.