Dabo Swinney Proved He's The Ultimate Loser And It's Shocking He Ever Was Considered A Good Coach

This fucking guy. He better pray to his NIL lord that he was able to get Boyd, Watson, Hopkins, Renfrow, you know, those guys. Because this guy sucks. I'm not just saying it because he's a dork, I'm saying it because he stinks now. I know people want to talk about the last play of the game, we can do that. The clock management was atrocious. The fact he refused to go for the win was atrocious. 

But how about the fucking screen on 3rd and 1 in OT? Dude you have to get a yard. Go sneak the ball twice. You don't throw a fucking screen on 3rd and 1. That's the ultimate dummy move. I don't want to hear it's on his OC or on Klubnik to have the option. Just make sure it's a handoff. It's called being a leader - you know, what Dabo screams about in press conferences all the time. You know, the guy who does this to make sure he's Clemson football

Then he threw it again on 4th and 2 without a rollout! My God, use your brain at some point Dabo. The fact is this guy is at the end of his winning career. All I know is the ACC should be ashamed of itself for letting him run through the league for as long as he did. He can't coach without stars. He can't win without the guys we all know who went there. He refuses to use the transfer portal. He says things like Clemson's NIL is through God or whatever that bullshit was. I don't know, maybe use the Holy Spirit to get a yard? 

FSU wasn't leading until OT! Sure, this play is awesome, but it's the only time FSU was in front