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I Can't Get Over How Happy Frank The Tank Makes Shane Gillis In This Video

Let's first address the negatives. Jenks needs to get a little more clarity on the camera. Dust the lens off or figure out the focus. Can't be this involved in the Barstool world and have videos that look like they were shot on with the Arnold family camcorder on The Wonder Years (unreal show btw go watch it). 

On the other hand, if Mintzy is still around maybe you can have a shitty camera, because nothing looks worse than his picture quality. 

Anyway ... I can't stop laughing at this video. And I know Shane Gillis has had some all time Barstool interactions, and one moment will always be the most iconic. 

But man did this make me laugh. Shane invited Frank to the game so I think he knew what he was getting into, but there's a part of that smirk that you can tell he's genuinely amazed at exactly what lies ahead. He's almost saying " I knew he was a character, but I didn't know just how hilarious he was." He's almost giddy at how electric and funny, and authentic Frank can be. 

That's why he's the best. I called him last night about something in the future and he was so excited to go to the game. Awesome move by Shane to offer to take him,but his look and smirk is just so perfect. Just when you think you know what you're going to get with Frank he makes you thank much happier with his presence.I can't wait for the in game content. 

Go Irish!