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Safe To Say Twins' Pitcher Dallas Keuchel Enjoyed Himself In The Minnesota Clubhouse After They Clinched The Division Last Night

You were today years old when you found out Dallas Keuchel was back in baseball and on the Twins, weren't ya? He was so damn good for that run with the Astros and then fell off hard. But he's back in baseball and actually celebrating 10 years of service time today. 

Oh, and his team won their division last night which calls for another celebration for Dallas and he did not disappoint. He stole the show with this beerkakke celebration that is straight out of Chris Bosh's playbook.

Talk about a guy soaking it all in and enjoying the moment, Dallas took control of the room and dominated it. He's been able to celebrate a World Series before so he knows there are bigger things on the horizon. But he's had a tough go of it lately and you just knew he was going to go the hardest out of anyone in this locker room. I'd say him being in the center of the circle with liquid flying everywhere solidifies that. Keuchel wins MVP for Friday night's shenanigans.