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Never Leave College: Clemson's Kicker Was Supposed To Be Working In NYC, Instead Told His Boss Dabo Called Him To Join The Team And Play Today

[Source] - The Clemson football coach reached out to the former kicker after hearing word he was still enrolled in school. While living in Charleston, Weitz was taking online classes through the school to earn his master's degree. He had recently accepted a job offer in New York City when Swinney contacted him, asking if he had was still in school. When Weitz replied that he was, Swinney asked him to rejoin the team.

I love this guy. Never leave college and delay going into the real world as long as possible. You know what's awesome? College, simply because rules don't apply. You go to class for like 2 hours a day, maybe 3, if you're smart you don't take Friday classes and just kick back and enjoy the hell out of it. I know Weitz was living a little different since he was in Charleston and doing online classes, but the point remains. He didn't have to move to NYC today like he was supposed to. He's not starting a finance job and instead working on upsetting FSU. 

This is why this sport is so stupid and awesome. We aren't talking about a pro team finding someone off the street. No, we're talking college. Dabo called his former walk-on and asked if he was still in school. I'd love to hear that call. I'd love to hear it even more after reading this: 


Dabo is a massive dork, but this is hilarious. Ah, fuck it, it could be terrible. We'll find out! Only playing Florida State, what can go wrong? Either way, this guy is what you should try to be. Get a job lined up, coast through college and go play Division I football if you can. Who gives a shit about the real world? I'll never make fun of a kid applying for an 8th year like the guy down in Miami. Enjoy the shit out of college, jobs will be there.