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The Minnesota Twins Are AL Central Champions, But Are They Legit Contenders In October?

Well, somebody won the division that somebody had to win. Look, the Twins should not apologize for winning the AL Central. Somebody had to do it. They were the one team that played above-average baseball all season. Banners don't come with an asterisk. This is a well-earned division crown. This team has a lot going for them, but their problem is is that they're still the Minnesota Twins. 

This organization has shown a remarkable ability to be competitive in the regular season and then poop their pants in October. The last time they won a playoff game was 2004. The one advantage they have this season is that the Yankees will not be in the postseason. New York has been their bogeyman more often than not in October. But I guess it begs the question, now that they've won the worst division in baseball, do the Minnesota Twins have a legitimate shot of making a run in the postseason? 

The obvious answer is yes, they have a shot. If you get into October, you technically have a shot. But there is a stigma that is rightfully attached to the Minnesota Twins. Klemmer and I have gone back and forth about this on Barstool Baseball about whether or not postseason pedigree matters. None of these guys were on the roster for a heavy majority of the Twins postseason struggles over the last 20 years or so. Still, I do think there is something of a psychological block that comes with being a consistently underwhelming playoff team. 

The one thing the Twins have going for him is that they have a solid pitching staff. Sony Gray and Pablo Lopez are a solid one and two. But that's not necessarily anything new. The Twins have had good pitching staffs before and still got rocked in October. So, while they have a chance, I think it's a very thin one. 

I'm coming into this postseason looking at this Twins team and asking, "What is it about this group that's different from all the other Twins teams that got swept in October?" I don't really see a whole lot. It's a solid, well-assembled roster. They've had plenty of those over the last 20 years. I don't think they're as good as Cleveland was last year or as good as the White Sox were the year before. Both those teams got beat in the ALDS. With the new schedule being what it is, it's exposed the fact that this division is abysmal. Eighty-five wins gets you to October. Maybe this Twins team breaks the mold, but I don't see it. Congrats on the division title. Until proven otherwise, it's a consolation prize.