Foul Tip Ends Up Taking Two Balls Off The Count With This Incredible Nut Shot In The Phillies vs Mets Game

You gotta believe! 

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2023 New York Mets. Baseball is such a long, grueling game with plenty of ups and downs and twists and turns. 162 games spanning over months and months and months. It's hard to really boil an entire season down to one defining moment, but I think the Mets just did exactly that when Jeff McNeil rifled this pitch directly into his own sack. 

The fact that the count was "no balls and two strikes" after that pitch just proves that the baseball gods cooked this one up on a special order. They knew exactly what they were doing here, and they knew the Mets would be the exact team to make it happen. Bless up to the baseball gods, and bless up to Alec Bohm. 

Don't let the Fightins get hot. We are dangerously too close to October for that. Heaven forbid. Sure would hate to see it.