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This Video Of Country Roads Being Played At Oktoberfest In Germany Is Pure Electricity

It's a little quieter Friday night here at Barstool HQ. We've got the best pizza festival the world has ever seen in under 24 hours, and there's just boring baseball on that Castellani will write 25,000 words about. But we have to take a trip to the other side of the world and admire the greatness that is Oktoberfest. I think the euphoria felt in that room during Country Roads might rival any feeling you'll ever have in life. If you don't think it's electric then you have an absolute dump in your pants.

You gotta wonder if it's become so touristy that it's actually just a bunch of Americans who love the song, or it's Germans who have adopted it as their own. Regardless, there's no better song to play in a room and I don't care if you're in Wheeling WV, Munich, or Dubai. It'll hit anywhere. Those are just the rules.

Oktoberfest seems like one of those bucket list items that is an absolute must do once in your lifetime. If loving a good time and Drindls is wrong, then I don't want to be right. Remember that viral video a few years ago of people snorting fake cocaine that was actually just peppermint that set the world ablaze? 

Yep. Gotta get there at least once. I'll leave you with a classic Francis piece from like 6 years ago about the time he was handcuffed at Oktoberfest:

And as always, eat shit Pitt:

Take me hooommeeeee.