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Pete Davidson Has Done It Again: He's Now Reportedly Dating Madelyn Cline Of Outer Banks Fame

CITY BOYS UP! Pete Davidson has done it again. They'll write books about that guy's rizz game when it's all said and done. His roster of previous relationships is top 2 and it's not 2:

- Kate Beckinsale

- Ariana Grande

- Margaret Qualley

- Kaia Gerber

- Kim Kardashian

- Emily Ratajkowski

- Cazzie David

- Phoebe Dynevor

- Olivia O'Brien

Who knows who else I'm missing. This guy is the GOAT. He's fucking Thanos but instead of the Infinity Stones it's the hottest women on the planet. His starting 5 could go toe to toe with the 2017 Warriors. Butthole eyes be damned. Kelly Keegs would probably write this and tell you about how trash men are and how trash he is for continuing to pull all these beautiful women, which is why I am staking myself as the #1 pop culture reporter here at Barstool. I'm going to respect game and tell it the way it is.

Anyway, congrats to Pete Davidson on adding another one. Whenever you think you're out of her league, just remember you could try and actually be funny and have a chance with damn near anyone. The fame probably helps a little too. Mama there goes that man.