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Ronald Acuña Hits His 40th Home Run For The Only 40-60 Season In Baseball History


Was there ever a doubt? With eight games to spare, Ronald Acuña Jr. achieved the fifth 40-40 season in baseball history and the only 40-50, 40-60 and soon to be 40-70 season — all while hitting .337. This is one of the best years anyone alive has ever seen.

I watch pretty much every sport to some degree and there isn't anything in professional sports as fun or exciting as watching Acuña play baseball. Every night, he's going to do something you've never seen before or at least look cool as hell trying. Despite MVP campaigns from Chipper Jones and Freddie Freeman in the time since, I'd say this is definitely the best season by any Braves player since Greg Maddux's insane 1995. And it might even be better.

I'm so glad Ronald got to 40 homers. That number just hits different. And when he gets his 70th steal, it's going to look that much cooler.