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Friday News Dump: Heidi Klum Announced The Name For Each Of Her Boobs, Add Them To This Week's Dog Walk Draft Right This Second

[Page Six] - “When I do AGT, most of the time I sit behind a desk, so it’s really from the waist up. So I look for something that is of interest around here. And usually, I like to have Hans and Franz on a good display,” she said, referring to her breasts.

Talk about a Friday news dump! Usually this is reserved for a suspension of some sort in the sports world and it's always hysterical to see. But now, I'm finding out Heidi Klum named her boobs Hans and Franz? A little nod to Die Hard and an apparent Orlando Magic fan I see. I mean, hard not to be, they have sick uniforms and Franz Wagner is a breakout star waiting to happen. Or she's just German and those are German names. Perhaps she just loves SNL.

Tough to tell. 

What a week for boob talk though. We had the Dog Walk draft

You even had our investigative reporter Megan Makin Money asking the hard questions about boobs: 

Incredible camera work by MMM here. 

Now back to Heidi. Gotta give her credit. Any person can come up with ONE name for boobs. Look at the list above for proof of that. She came out with two names. They match, they fit. Proof of that: 



Never thought when I graduated from Kentucky in 2009 or worked in purchasing for years I'd be breaking down Heidi Klum's boobs names, but here we are. What a world. Anyways, it's hard to argue with Heidi's choices here. Maybe a little ode to a German World Cup team would work better? Does she adapt and go Dennis and Franz after Germany just won the FIBA World Cup? Throw in a Dirk for an all-time legend like herself? Really nitpicking at this point.

Either way, enjoy the weekend.