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Zendaya Responded To Rumors That She Is Engaged To Tom Holland Based On Her Instagram Story

Protect Zendaya and Tom Holland at all costs. They are my FAVORITE celebrity couple right now and they are just so funny and cute. The other day Zendaya posted a picture on her Instagram story with a big ring on her finger. But people are so dumb and didn't realize it was on her right hand. So, there were rumors that she quietly got engaged to Tom Holland. I love how she just called everyone out and was basically like "you guys are fucking dumb, I would NOT announce my engagement like that". 

These two are the best because they give us just enough to know that they are such a cute couple. They don't overly post on social media, and when they do, it is genuine and wholesome content. They make me so happy and I just know that Tom is obsessed with her and probably treats her like a queen. There is nothing better than a confident short king. He is not insecure about their height difference, and as a tall girl, I appreciate that. 

I really hope that these two eventually get engaged. I'm sure they would have the most pure and cute wedding of all time. So even though Zendaya is denying the engagement, I will still be praying that it will happen soon.