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The Bears Week From Hell Continues As Safety Jaquan Brisker Got Caught Liking A Stephen A. Smith Tweet Calling The Team "Trash"

NY Post - It has been quite the week at Halas Hall as the Bears have started the NFL season a disappointing 0-2.

Defensive coordinator Alan Williams resigned, citing health and family issues as multiple reports have indicated that the FBI raided his home, and quarterback Justin Fields provided further context to a viral press conference moment, walking back remarks where he cited “coaching” as being responsible for his assertion that too many thoughts cloud his instincts on the football field.

So it was that Stephen A. Smith called the Bears “trash,” the quote was written up by a Chicago aggregation account on X (formerly Twitter) — and then the tweet was “liked” by Bears safety Jaquan Brisker.

“Let me tell you something right now. The Chicago Bears are trash,” Smith said on “First Take,” as relayed by the X account @ChiSportsUpdates.

“Let’s just call it what it is. They are not a good organization. It’s a damn shame they represent the City of Chicago. They stink.”

Brisker was asked Thursday afternoon about why he liked the tweet.

“I just really love the noise. Love everything about it,” Brisker said, as covered by CHGO Sports’ Nicholas Moreano.

“Just favorited that tweet just so I could remember exactly what they said. Stephen A. said. They’re going to swallow their words pretty soon, so that’s the reason why I favorited the tweet. Really for me it’s to motivate me even more even though I’m already motivated, but I love hearing noise like that.”

Man, when it rains it pours. 

Hats off to Brisker for putting an incredible spin job on this when questioned as to why he liked the tweet. 

"Oh I'm just keeping receipts so I know who to call out when we turn it around."

Yah, ok bro. 

We've all been there. Caught in the twitter rabbit hole, doom scrolling and mindlessly liking and double tapping shit we're mortified to know the public can view with a simple click, yet we do it anyway. Monkey brain shit. Tits, ass, and porn is usually the main culprit. In Brisker's case, it's other people shit-talking our employers, bosses, or coworkers. 

The Bears are headed to Kansas City this weekend to get curb-stomped as 12.5-point underdogs. The wheels should fully come off in this game and then the real circus and finger-pointing will begin next week. We'll probably get some "time to start Nathan Peterman" chatter going too. Good times ahead. Poor Bears fans.

Also, speaking of Stephen A. Can we all come together and agree to never take another thing he says about an athlete seriously again? Not that we should have in the first place, but any grown man who doesn't know how to throw a ball should have zero business speaking about athletes performances.