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Even Deion Isn't Safe From Colorado Campus Police After Getting A Parking Ticket On His Lamborghini

Campus police truly don't give a fuck who you are. They were probably itching to give Deion a ticket after seeing how much money he actually gets paid by the university. I think campus police were the meanest people of all time. You can have a family member die, explain everything to them, and they would still give you a ticket. I never understood getting parking tickets on campus because they aren't the police so what can they do can they actually do? Get your license suspended? They aren't government employees

I would love to have seen Deion's reaction to getting this ticket. He probably would admit that he deserved it. The bigger question is how does he not have a parking pass that lets him park basically anywhere on campus considering the amount of money he's making them? Honestly, I feel like Deion is way too cool to hang a parking pass on his rearview mirror, so he might have one but won't use it. It's hard to drive a Lamborghini with a parking pass on it because it makes you look like the cheapest bastard of all time.  If it was me though, I would be throwing that parking pass up just to avoid the $50 and not allow the campus police to feel like they got one over on me.