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Europe Might As Well Not Show Up To The The Ryder Cup If Sam Burns Steps Up To The First Tee With This Freedom Flow

Trust me, I know all the background with Team USA over in Europe for the Ryder Cup. It ain't great. We stink over there and the course manipulation is going to be as devastating as ever. That said, good luck competing with this. You think a man who was a 'questionable' (I'm using that loose here) captain's pick stepping up to the first tee looking like this isn't getting points? Yeah, okay. I know enough about juju and enough about look good, play good to know that Sam Burns is about to breakout in Italy next week. 

If he rocks this next week, our hands are tied. You send Sam Burns out first. Set the tone, declare our dominance and don't you dare let Sam Burns wear a hat. I'd like to see Nicoali Hojgaard respond after Burns pipes one down the middle of the fairway and lets that mullet breathe. USA baby. It's the American way. 

This is what we need though. We got our ass kicked in France last time the Ryder Cup was in Europe. We had people arguing about Justin Thomas on the team and whether Keegan Bradley or Cam Young should be there. But it's about to be Ryder Cup week. Legit one of my favorite events in all of sports. A time for guys to step up and embrace being the enemy in Europe. The pride of Shreveport, Louisiana and a red-blooded American. It's Sam Burns time. 

UPDATE: He's already getting others involved. Team chemistry through the damn roof baby. Red, white and blue. 

Need to change our shirts quick and rock these 99 bad boys with that flow. Unbeatable. 

Harry How. Getty Images.

PS: The 91 Ryder Cup is one of the best stories, events, whatever you want to call it in all of sports. I'm addicted to it.