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NFLOL: The VP Of Officiating Is Somehow Claiming There Wasn't Enough Video Evidence To Confirm Trent Williams Threw A Punch At The Giants A'shawn Robinson On Thursday Night

You know what? After all these years of nonsense and tomfoolery, I actually have to tip my cap to Goodell for the ship he runs over at the NFL. Trying to say that there wasn't enough video evidence to see if THIS was a punch is some true head in the sand, Stalin-level misinformation.

I mean do we need 4K video? 8K video? What's the next highest, 16K? Amazon Prime gives me angles and views I didn't know were possibly on a broadcast but the replay crew couldn't find another shot of Trent Williams clearly punching A'Shawn Robinson in the face? There's enough evidence in that five second video alone for boxing judges to give Williams the round 10-9.

Luckily the refs were able to call penalties on the real violent plays from last night...

Cue the shirts!


All that being said, I don't think Trent Williams getting ejected would've changed the final result of the game or anything. If Daniel Jones doesn't float that pass too high to Darren Waller and the refs don't throw 1,000 flags against Big Blue for shit they actually claim they saw, the end of the 4th quarter may have actually been close and you open up a chance for the upset because of the way an oblong-shaped ball bounces, which is all you ask for as a double digit underdog on the road during a short week. I just don't appreciate Shaun Hochuli's crew pissing on my leg then Goodell's VP of officiating stooge telling me the video review says that it was actually raining.

Whatever. Last night is over. I never feel good after a loss but I feel a hell of a lot better than I thought I would this morning because the defense didn't get destroyed (outside of the 1000 missed tackles on 3rd and long plays since the 49ers apparently bathe in Crisco before games) and the Giants seemed to walk away relatively healthy. The complete lack of big plays sucked too but I'm gonna chalk that up to the offensive line being banged up to the point they couldn't even keep the Niners front four out of the backfield even in max protect. 

Now it's time to head home, get back to .500 with a win Monday night vs. Seattle, see what shakes out against the Dolphins and Bills, then try to get fat against the part of the schedule that isn't loaded with playoff teams from last season. This season is far from over and you can make the case it actually begins with a win on Monday night with this beautiful son of a bitch giving his thoughts on ESPN2 about how he was benched for the Seahawks QB by that buffoon Ben McAdoo.

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