This Has To Be The First Line Brawl Started By A "Chain Snatch" In Hockey History

We've seen a lot of crazy moments throughout hockey history. We've seen guys slash an opponent in the head with their sticks like a baseball bat. We've seen guys like Mike Milbury climb over the glass and into the stands to beat up a fan with his own shoe. We've seen a fan go over the glass and into the penalty box to fight Tie Domi. 

Hockey has been around for over a hundred years at this point. We've seen almost everything. But I don't think we've ever seen a line brawl erupt because one player decided to rip a necklace right off another player's neck. That is, of course, until the other night in a preseason game between the Soo Greyhounds and Sudbury Wolves in the OHL. That's when Landon McCallum of Sudbury noticed that Alex Kostov was wearing quite a fashionable necklace, and decided that he liked it so much that he would snatch it right off his body. Kostov apparently wasn't in the market to make any jewelry donations that night, and immediately put an end to the transaction by donating some knuckle sandwiches instead. 

And now it makes sense why we've never seen chain snatching make its way to hockey yet. You can do this all you want in the NFL because you don't have to answer the bell after. There's no fighting in the NFL. Maybe some pushing and shoving, a few 15-yard-penalties, and then it's over with. It's easy to be a punk when there are no consequences. But you pull this stunt in hockey and all of a sudden you're down on the ice getting the shit kicked out of you while your teammate then has to jump in and start fighting because you decided to be a prick. 

Sidenote: Pray for all the chains in the QMJHL after that Charmin Ultra league banned fighting this year. Want to wear jewelry while you play hockey? Take your ass to the O.