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This Game Is Officially Under Protest Until Trent Williams Gets Ejected For Punching A'Shawn Robinson In The Head

I know I'm not an asterisk win guy, but I'm willing to put any game under protest. I mean if we're going to give Brock Purdy and the 49ers bailouts all night, including this roughing the passer call which just shows how soft the league is now, then you have to kick Trent Williams out. 

You can't be punching guys in the head and having it be an offsetting penalty. Not on my watch. Feits is out here talking about Trent Williams not flinching on a crow hop fake out. Of course he's not flinching! He's punching guys wearing helmets. Why would you flinch if you're wearing a helmet? 

Again, we're just going by letter of the rulebook here. If that's roughing the passer I demand an ejection. He could have ripped his helmet off which could have scratched Robinson's head or something! Come on, Roger! Stop protecting the 49ers!