Dwyane Wade Says It Was Harder To Tell His Wife That He Was Having a Baby With Another Women Than Lose in The NBA Finals

Stop the count! Shannon Sharpe come on down! You just won the worst interview question of 2023! How do you look another man in the eye and ask him which is worse "losing in the NBA finals or telling you wife your having a child with another women?" I mean come on! I know you were trying to come up with a creative way to bring it up, but damn! Comparing losing the NBA Finals to getting another girl pregnant?? I know they're having a serious conversation but that question is fucking hilarious. 

In South Florida our Mount Rushmore is Dan Marino, Dwyane Wade, and then everybody else. Those are our two goats, so if you think I'm going to slander Dwyane Wade's name, your out of you mind. Look, cheating on your partner is one of the most scumbag things anybody can do, but if you do it just take accountability for it. Nothing worse than someone who gets caught and tries to lie their ass off. Be a man, own it, and if you can make it work, more power to you. I applaud D-Wade for being so open about something that's not justifiable. No one wants to relive their mistakes, but it's better to tell your story than have someone tell yours for you. 

Anyway, here's D-Wade going absolutely ballistic in the 2016 ECSF: