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Bears GM Ryan Poles Got Up In Front Of The Media Today And Addressed The Shit Show That Has Been The 2023 Bears Season

Yesterday was one of the more absurd days in the history of the Chicago Bears. Fields, Getsy, Alan Williams, Peanut Tillman, the FBI, injuries, then not the FBI, and no raids, but then maybe was crazy. Still murky in some areas. Still unclear what is happening with Alan Williams. The Bears and reporters like Ian Rappaport definitely felt comfortable saying that Halas Hall was NOT raided by the FBI, but did not confirm or deny anything about Alan Williams home. Pat McAfee said that his sources say a raid did happen

The Alan Williams story will work itself out and eventually everyone will know what is going on there. Bizarre situation to say the least. That is hopefully behind the Bears as an organization. The on-field stuff is still clearly a mess, but I did really like the way that Poles addressed everything. It was calm and seemingly genuine. He looked like a leader. He had a presence up there at the podium. Didn't run from anything. Didn't sugar coat anything in my opinion. Not giving up either. We've seen our teams be in PR storms before in Chicago. They almost always end in catastrophe. This clip of Poles did make me feel better. Maybe the Bears finally hired the right captain to ride out the storm and get this thing turned around. 

I don't know what will happen the rest of the way. I am not sure about Justin Fields anymore. I am not ready to give up on the entire regime though. I am not ready to give up on the Poles Project. I do agree with Poles that the roster looks solid on paper. It has just looked like shit on the field. The Bears are still in a good spot with the cap, draft picks, and young players. Find out if Justin Fields can truly be a franchise guy the rest of this year and then plan accordingly. That is all this season is about to me now. I thought I knew. I didn't. Playoffs and all that don't really matter anymore as 0-3 would make that virtually impossible. This can still be a building year. 

We will all be at Cody's on Sunday to hopefully find hope at the bottom of a bucket. And if not it is a dog-friendly bar so we can have emotional therapy animals present.