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Big Trouble In Big D: Trevon Diggs Tore His ACL At Practice And Is Out For The Season

During the NFL preseason, I am worried about a star player on my team getting hurt in practice every waking minute of my life. Then for some reason all those worries disappear during the regular season, likely because there are enough injuries that happen during the thousands of on-field car crashes that occur every given Sunday. 

Still, having a story like this drop on your head as a fanbase out of the goddamn blue on a Thursday afternoon sucks so much. It doesn't matter if you saw a tweet from a beat reporter saying a player pulled up during drills followed by more details from the other 100 reporters going at the story or if Tom Pelissero just smashed the news into your face out of nowhere like a pie in a Beastie Boys video.

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It all hurts the same and just leaves you with a hollow feeling in your gut. I think someone blogged it on this site years ago, but it's crazy we haven't figured out a way to prevent ACL injuries since they are so common and cost teams millions of dollars every year based on a player missing time as well as it impacting your playoff hopes.

I would say that this injury could really fuck over the Cowboys season. But based on their first two games against the teams that call MetLife Stadium home, their defense being fully healthy was unfair to the rest of the NFL and if past blogs about a Cowboys star getting hurt is any indication, everything will be alright in Dallas, at least in terms of making the playoffs.

I haven't seen an headline in years, but a negative story about the Cowboys having the title Big Trouble In Big D is my Inception totem that I have to keep spinning to make sure i'm not in a simulation or dream since it was used so much despite being a ridiculous phrase to splash on your homepage. Shout out Ed Werder for camping outside of Jerry Jones’ house for weeks for every one of those stories.