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Am I A Bad Swiftie if I Just Traded for Travis "I can't shut my mouth" Kelce in My Fantasy League?


Ok so Kelly Keegs has been covering the Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce beat for us at Barstool Sports and I couldn't be more on the same page with her.  

Now originally I gave Mother my blessings to hang out with Travy and have some fun with him even though he clearly wasn't her type.  Who was I to judge?  She earned hot girl season with all the work she has been putting in lately.   But big dumb Travis Kelce and his big dumb brother had to go and ruin it.  They just can't keep their big dumb mouths shut about Taylor.  Like this isn't one of Travis's dumb ass dating reality shows here.   We're talking about Taylor Swift.  You don't go on a never ending media tour trying to use her for clout.   I don't care if you are dating her you keep her name off your lips period.   So it's kinda made me hate Travis Kelce again.  


However having said all that I just completed a blockbuster trade in my fantasy league and acquired Travis Kelce and probably won the championship in the process.   Here is the trade


My full team now looks like this.

So this begs the question.   Am I a bad Swiftie for trading for this loudmouth even if my team is loaded now?