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Give Every Award To This Canadian Football Announcer For This Masterclass In Calling His Team's Heartbreaking Loss

Who gives a shit about being impartial? This is what it's like when you're watching one of your teams play and lose in heartbreaking fashion. Everyone and I mean every single person who cares about a team has experienced something like this. We all have our go-tos. Some of us just let out this NO like this fella. Some of us just start swearing. Some of us go silent because you can't comprehend what happened. There's different stages to a loss, much like grief. 

For me personally? I go with a scream. It's the initial reaction and all you can do is scream. You're trying to help, you're trying to will anything to happen in this moment. Maybe he'll fall down running like Daniel Jones in the open space. Then you start looking for a flag or something of that sort. Convince yourself there's for sure a penalty somewhere, anywhere to bring it back. Inevitably you go to mourning and replay it in your head. You don't think I've blamed Derek Willis for getting lost defensively on fucking Luke Maye's shot no less than 1,000 times? All the time. 

I don't get the whole impartial thing? It's 2023. Are we really pretending like people don't cheer for teams? Yeah, little secret, they are. Everyone went to school somewhere or grew up somewhere or has a team they care about. In fact it makes everything better when you just let that go. This guy delivered one of my favorite calls ever simply because he cares. That deserves every award.