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Ohio State Loved Ryan Day Losing To Michigan So Much The Last Two Years That They Gave Him A Raise To Make Over 10 Million Dollars

Huh? In what world has Ryan Day's performance at Ohio State deserved a raise, let alone one to pay him over $10,000,000 dollars a year?  This infuriates me more than you could possibly imagine. I don't care about inflation. I don't care about cost of living. I'm sick and tired of the school that I have grown up with and watched my entire life, and the one my parents paid tuition to, act like losing to Michigan is okay. The man gets paid very handsomely already. He did not need a raise. And he certainly did not earn a raise.

MAKE A STATEMENT. Let us not forget that Jim Harbaugh got a pay decrease from $8 million to $3 million when he couldn't beat the Buckeyes. But when Ryan Day can't win the game (again), we give him a raise. I truly believe he should've given it back. Told the fan base that although he is a New Hampshire boy, he actually does care about The Game and because we've lost two straight, he doesn't deserve this raise.

Look, I'm the biggest Ohio State fan on this planet, but I also have the duty to call it as I see it. Don't give me the stat that Ryan Day is 32-2 in the Big Ten, and don't you dare give me the stat that he's 48-6 as the Head Coach of the Buckeyes. Anyone that can breathe could've won AT LEAST 45 of those games. Seriously, find me more than 3 games that Ohio State has won that we couldn't have just lined up and rolled the balls out against. We don't need a Head Coach to beat Youngstown State. We don't need a Head Coach to beat Western Kentucky. I mean, shit, we don't even need a Head Coach to beat Penn State anymore. There are only a handful of games that Ohio State plays in where the talent on the two sides is even in the same stratosphere. Ryan Day calls them matchup games. 

Here's his record in those matchup games:

2020 vs. Clemson: 49-28 win

2020 vs. Bama: 52-24 loss

2021 vs. Oregon: 35-23 loss

2021 vs. Michigan: 42-27 loss

2022 vs. Notre Dame: 21-10 win

2022 vs. Michigan: 45-23 loss 

2022 vs. Georgia: 42-41 loss

Are you really going to ask me to count Utah? Michigan State? No. Every single kid on their roster would've came to Ohio State if we wanted them. I'm only talking about games where we're not better at literally all 22 positions. And he's 2-5 in those games. The good news is he's got another chance this weekend at Notre Dame. I'll be there because I'm an actual Ohio State fan, unlike apparently Gene Smith who is okay with the mediocrity we've had under Ryan Day. 

On the other hand, my stance about losing to Michigan:

It's called TOUGH LOVE. 

Listen, when you really think about it, I might be the biggest Ryan Day fan on Earth. Because it seems like I'm the only one on this planet who actually wants him to beat Michigan. Everyone else is apparently okay with it!! A raise!!!!!