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Monday Night Wars: Flipping Back And Forth Between WWF and WCW Looks Like It Was The Greatest Experience Ever

As a wrestling fan born in '98, I pretty much missed out on the Attitude Era entirely - and was only told later (through stories and documentaries) what it was like flipping back and forth between Monday Night RAW and WCW Nitro. I've heard for as long as I could remember that it was the best time ever to be a wrestling fan, and that the unpredictability aspect of both shows truly put everyone on the fence of what they'd want to watch all night - and this video above gives us a taste of what that might've been like!

Granted, this old VHS recording is from April 10th, 2000, so WCW's nosedive was already well underway - but it's still a cool watch! You get a taste of RAW, a taste of Nitro, some old school nostalgia through the commercials of the time, and even a few minutes of Lakers/Supersonics! Don't sleep on the commercials, either! They include Gladiator TV spots (featuring the sweet sounds of Limp Bizkit), trailers for the very first Tom Clancy's Rainbox Six, and plenty of other very 2000 products.

Speaking of April 10th, 2000 - how about we just take a quick time travel detour....

-#1 song on the charts at the time: "Maria Maria" - Santana feat. The Product G&B

-#1 movie at the box office: 'Rules of Engagement' starring Tommy Lee Jones/Samuel L Jackson

….and Milly Alcock from House of the Dragon was apparently born the next day! What a time.

Feel old yet?

Anyway - if the folks over at Peacock wanted to get off their lazy asses and do something worthwhile with the WWE Network rights, make this a viewing option. I want to be able to watch RAW and Nitro episodes simultaneously and flip back and forth. That may actually get me to use their god awful app.


P.S. The Lakers went on to beat the Supersonics 123-121 in overtime in that game after Kobe swished one with 4.8 seconds left from 18-ft.

h/t Nate Dawg