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Watching This Woman Dispute When Noon Is Will Make You Want To Jump Off A Bridge

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This video has broken my brain, but not just in the way that watching it makes me want to unalive myself. It has pitted my skepticism of the legitimacy of internet videos — particularly clips from podcasts that nobody has ever heard of — and my inability to be surprised at the stupidity of most people. This is either a very well-done fake video or some of the dumbest people who have managed to keep themselves alive into adulthood.

This isn't even something where there's a little bit of room for debate. It's just a very basic fact you learn in elementary school. I know being required to pass a test to be able to vote is a hot button issue, but I'm not even advocating for a civics exam. "What time is noon?" is the perfect one-question test you should have to pass when you register to vote. If you get that question wrong, sorry, you're out. I think that's more than fair.

These girls need to link up with the "time blindness" girl and make a video where they discuss how crazy time is. Instant numbers. I will regrettably watch.