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Sophie Turner Is Suing Joe Jonas For Custody Of Their Children To Bring Them Back To England, Claiming She Found Out About His Divorce Filing "From The Media"

Sophie Turner is suing estranged husband Joe Jonas for the return of their two daughters to England.

The “Game of Thrones” alum filed the lawsuit in a Manhattan court Thursday requesting to secure “the immediate return of children wrongfully removed or wrongfully retained,” the documents obtained by Page Six state.

Turner claims in the filing that the “wrongful retention” began Sept. 20.

Turner also claims she and the Jonas Brothers band member agreed over Christmas 2022 that they would make their “forever home” England and would begin looking for schools for their older daughter, Willa.

OHHHHH BOY. This is bad, bad news. We've been reporting on the petty stuff between these two, Joe seemingly driving the story of Sophie being a negligent mom, Sophie staying completely silent until she was seen out with Joe's ex Taylor Swift, but once we have a custody battle on our hands that involves a true lawsuit, it starts to get extremely messy. 

Oh, what's this??? She found out about the divorce through the media?? WOW. And we're seeing this in the court documents!!!!!! 

Funny timing that Sophie was out on Tuesday night with Taylor, and then Wednesday morning files this lawsuit. Not saying Taylor convinced her! But she definitely knew right? She definitely knows all the tea and I'm legitimately foaming at the mouth for this information. I think this eliminates any possibility of Sophie doing anything actually bad or negligent with the kids, right? You can't just fire up a lawsuit if you've fucked up royally. MAN OH MAN I'm interested in how this plays out.

Best of luck to everyone involved and of course, let's hope for an amicable ending for the sake of the kids.