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Best Of 2023 - "I'll Plant You, Bitch Boy": Maniac Goes Nuts On Golf Course, Further Proves Golf Brings Out The Most Unhinged Behavior In Humans

There are 3 categories of golfers in the world. There are those who are actually really good at the game, and playing a round becomes an enjoyable experience because these freaks are able to make the ball do exactly what they want it to do on their way to a nice, comfortable 72 on the day. Guys who can spin their wedges and shit like that. Then there are those who suck at golf but are just out there for having a good time with their friends. They might have to line up at a 90 degree angle on the tee box to play their slice and end up losing 13 Top Flights along the way, but they're having an enjoyable time because they don't give a shit about their score in the slightest. 

Both of those categories represent the extreme 1% on both ends of the spectrum. The other 98% of us? Well we're all a bunch of fucking morons because we suck at the sport but think we should be significantly better by now, and that causes us to hate our lives for at least 3 hours every time we're on a golf course. It turns you into a demonic psychopath. You need complete and total silence for the entirety of the 45 seconds you're standing over your ball doing your stupid little pre-shot routine that still hasn't added a shred of consistency to your game. You need to get the *exact* yardage to the pin on your range finder even though you know that 5 iron you're planning to hit 191 yards is going to end up being a 6 iron from 179 on your next shot. You yell at your friends, you yell at yourself, you're willing to get into an all out brawl over whether you're going to write a 5 or a 4 on a little sheet of paper attached to the steering wheel in your little cart. 

So to address the original video in this blog, I think it's unfair for the folks to say he's "mentally ill". I don't think that's necessarily the case here. At the very least, I don't think this man has any diagnosed illness. I just think he's a guy who has played way too many rounds at public golf courses over the years that it's finally caused him to snap and lose his mind. You can only wait 15 minutes for a green to clear on a par 5 only for you to top the shit out of your 3 wood so many times before you devolve into a raging lunatic like this. 

You think about the round all day. You get out to the range and your swing is feeling great. Maybe this is the day you finally piece it together. And then all of a sudden you're 4 holes in and already +7. That type of pain and torment builds up throughout the years. 

Sidenote: Would love to get some backstory on this Walter fella. Clearly that was the trigger. I mean this dude was sort of just a regular prick before that name got brought up, but then went full berserker mode after. My guess is Walter probably made him card a 5 during a scramble before because he cleaned up a clear gimme before his partner had a chance to knock it in for 4.