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Victor Cruz Gave A Full Breakdown Of The Infamous Giants Miami Boat Trip, Including Why OBJ Was Wearing Timberlands In The Picture

This photo was the downfall of the New York Giants. I hate that I even have to write this blog because it just brings back awful memories. Why did they have to take this picture? 

I was always wondering why OBJ would be wearing Timbs on a boat in Miami and all along it was because he didn't have shoes. Which leads me to my next question. Why the fuck does OBJ not have any shoes with him? Could he have bought some instead? It also doesn't explain why they are wearing jeans on the boat and not dressed for the water. This still makes zero sense to me. 

Despite this story, Victor Cruz is one of my favorite Giants and I love how he is like "I just wanted to make sure everyone came back in one piece". There is definitely some truth to that because a lot of the guys that went down were young, so he had to head down as a veteran even if he was probably excited to go to Miami. 

I would love to really sit these players down though and ask why did they have to go during the season. Why couldn't they just wait a couple of weeks? I get that they are young, rich and probably felt invincible. But going on a trip before a playoff game is nuts.

This picture actually might have ruined the Giants core but hey I am sure they had a very fun time! The Timbs will still never make sense because OBJ should always have shoes. If he did maybe, history would've changed. Or just don't take a photo let alone a vacation to Miami the week of a playoff game. But it is funny to talk about now.