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It's A HUGE Day As McDonald's Has Brought Back Spicy Chicken McNuggets


Everyone loves McDonald's...who doesn't? It's the greatest fast food establishment to ever be created and there's a steady reason they're the OG in the game as well. The Big Mac is as timeless as it gets with their unbeatable combinations of beautiful ingredients, the filet-o-fish changed Lenten Fridays forever, the long & skinny fries are what every other fry strives to be, and their nuggets reign supreme among all the other competitors' nugs. Thought as amazing as their nuggets are you know what, for me at least (they love to say "for me" on the Food Network when discussing food), is a WEE BIT OF SPICE!!!!

Everyone needs a little spice and their life! And don't get me wrong I still enjoy at the very least a 6 piece normal nug and diet coke once a week anyway for $4.19 from the local drive-thru McDonald's, but now? Now? Now I will be pulling in for a 6 piece spicy nugs and diet coke because if you haven't had these things yet you NEED to. There's something about the aged cayenne and chili pepper spice with their insanely crispy coating that just hit different on these. So yeah if you haven't realized this is my petition to leave them on the menu full time!