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The Fact There's A Debate About People Leaving After Messi Got Subbed Out Proves (Again) There's No Weaker Fan Base Than Miami Sports

I don't blame these people for leaving when Messi got subbed out before halftime. The majority of them had no idea Inter Miami was even in the MLS before Messi came. But this is a broader story about Miami sports fans. They are the worst. They are the weakest fanbase in all of sports. I mean, you have this: 

There's also arguably the most famous pathetic image in NBA Finals history: 

Okay, there's TuAnon. I'll give them that. But are we really acting like the NFL is having a problem drawing Dolphins fans? The only NFL team that can't draw fans are the Rams. The fact is Miami has the saddest fan base in all of sports. I hate other fan bases more, for sure. But they at least care. Philly fans will show up just to boo if they suck. The college fan bases I hate at least care about their teams and will be there no matter what. Even Louisville had people show up and they can barely win 4 games in a basketball season. 

I know Miami has the nice weather, the clubs, Bald Paul and everything else glorious down there. But if you show up to a sporting event, fucking be a fan. I don't care if Messi and Jordi Alba get hurt. You still won the match 4-0. You went from being the worst team in the MLS to at least having a shot (5 points out) of making the playoffs. Now, I saw the argument from some Inter Miami fans that it was close to halftime and there was a quick stoppage for injury so everyone was just going to the bathroom. The fact people have no idea what's real just proves my point. It's simple. You stay until the end of the game. No need to leave early and miss some of the best moments you can have as a fan.