Happy Friday... This World Stinks... Let's Watch Some Broads On Bulls

Ever ride a mechanical bull? I did about a year ago, and even though I didn't poll the crowd, I am confident it was the least graceful thing the audience had ever witnessed in their life.

Almost immediately after the ride started, my head went over the horns as the bull lurched forward and my body soon followed.  I did what might be considered a somersault onto the mat in front of the machine.  My t-shirt rode high up my trunk revealing my alabaster-white belly, and my pants partially fell down revealing my dark hair-covered asscrack.

I stumbled out of that 5-year-old birthday party utterly humiliated, telling the birthday girl's mom to "Go fuck herself", and vowing to never ride a mechanical bull again.

But that vow doesn't restrict me from watching others ride that dreaded contraption… Particularly a handful of women who manage to turn this carnival ride into a display of sexual prowess.

Case in point…

(as she turned that first corner, I thought for sure she was bottomless)

(the hair-whip followed by the grind)


What the operators of these machines do better than anyone else is make that bull almost vibrate in a way that reveals more than the rider probably expected…

Different angle…

And sometimes they turn their ride into a full-blown Sybian


Obviously, I am fascinated with these GIFs, so I needed to manufacture this blog, just so I can get them off my desktop. 

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You're whale cum, and Yee-haw!

Take a report.