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These Cats Playing On A Drum Set Made Out Of PVC Pipe And Trash Just Made The Song Of The Summer

Talk about a buzzer beat. We only have like 48 hours left of summer. The first day of fall is on Saturday. And I'll be honest--it was an absolutely abysmal summer for music. Name one great song that came out this summer. You can't. Not a single summer anthem the whole damn season. 

That is, of course, until these crazy bastards came along with their trash drum set playing under some random overpass. I may not be the most "in touch" person when it comes to what's hot in the music scene these days, but I know a fucking banger when I hear one. And that shit was pure gas. The kinda song you throw on the first thing in the morning to set the tone for the rest of the day. The type of song you put on during a day drink and everybody starts going nuts saying "wow, you are such a cool and handsome dude and I am so thankful to be in your presence".  The type of song you throw on repeat on your way to a funeral. It doesn't matter what the time or what the occasion, this song slaps. 

Wednesday September 20th. Let it be known that on this day during the final week of summer 2023, we have finally found our summer anthem. Now max that volume out and let's rip.