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This Video Of Bijan Robinson Breaking Tackles And Ankles Has Me Scared As Hell About This Week's Lions Game Against The Falcons

Man, I don’t know what the official title of this camera angle is, but it’s slick as hell. Is skycam still a thing? I feel like this is too cool to be considered skycam. But it looks really cinematic. Regarding the subject of the video, Falcons running back Bijan Robinson, his quickness is on full display here. The guy had a crazy good game last week against the Packers, going for 172 total yards in the Falcons' 25–24 win against Green Bay. On deck for the Falcons is a date with the Lions this Sunday. As a Lions fan, I’m a little bit scared. 

It’s strange how the discourse regarding running backs has changed over the last decade. I fall in line with the idea that, for the most part, an offensive line in the NFL is way more important than the caliber of running back that you have. No disrespect to Isiah Pacheco, but he’s not exactly Marshawn Lynch, and yet he won a Super Bowl ring last year, being a leading rusher for the Chiefs. 

We talk all the time about how unimportant running backs have become, and yet every year, the position features two or three game changers that are threats to score a touchdown every time they touch the ball. It appears that Bijan Robinson is one of those playmakers. 

If you follow me on social media, you know I am still frustrated as shit about the Lions lost last week to the Seahawks. I thought it was completely inexcusable and played out like a game straight from the Matt Patricia era. In fairness, the win they got against Kansas City gave them a little bit of leeway. But now, with the injuries mounting up, Sunday's game against Atlanta is a must-win. 


Detroit's offense will move the ball. I have very little concern about that. What does concern is whether or not they can contain Bijan Robinson. Because Geno Smith and Company looked like the fucking '98 Vikings last week, and that scares me in regards to what someone like Robinson can do. Outside of Aidan Hutchinson, this defensive line has shown zero ability to attack the ball carrier. If they let Robinson get an open space, it could be a long day for Detroit. For once, I really hope my fears don't come true.