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After Listening To Justin Fields' Presser Today, He's Officially In A Career Defining Stretch Of Football

Lots of Bears news today coming out. Obviously the quotes and presser linked above are the star of the show, and we'll get back to that in a minute. I will say though, I do vehemently disagree with this quote, at least right now: 

And that's because the Bears have the Panthers pick and can completely wash their hands of Fields after this season, should they choose to do so. Again, more on that in a minute, as there's lots of other stuff to get nice on today too:

First off, the bears blind side tackle is on the IR and prolly donezo for the year: 

Good, grand, excellent. I'm not a Jones stan but losing him really fucking sucks on an OL that has been mediocre at best thus far. 

Continuing, the Bears might not even have a defensive coordinator right now: 

And it looks like it might be for something, ummm…weird: 


More good, more grand, more awesome. Hopefully it's nothing too embarrassing. The defense has been bad though so what the fuck ever. 

Here's my take on Fields though: 

The press conference will be shared a billion times over by Bears fans who won't actually listen to the whole thing, but will jump to conclusions based on a few tweets they see about Fields throwing the coaching staff under the bus. 

None of that matters. 

All that matters is Fields very bluntly alluded to going back to what makes him a successful QB. I'm paraphrasing here (obviously), but it sounds like he's gonna go back to some school yard bullshit. To me, there are potential 3 outcomes with this: 

1. Fields and the offense still suck. Pretty cut and dry here. He'd be gonezo the day the season ended especially since he failed doing things "his way" and the Bears head into the offseason guns blazing to find "the guy" yet again. 

2. Fields actually does say "fuck it" and we see a LOT of highlight reel plays. The Bears might put up points week over week and consistently, but in an atypical fashion like last year. I see this as a pretty plausible scenario. They might even win a few games doing this, assuming the defense gets lucky and makes a few stops here and there. 

3. Fields lights it the fuck up in multiple ways - through the air, on the ground, and in the sea. He'll basically be like a member of SEAL Team VI, Bears extend him, and the organization rides off into the sunset winning like 8 of 10 Super Bowls 

Obviously number 2 is probably going to be what happens, but I don't know if that's even a good thing, as there would STILL be questions with QB1 heading into 2024 in what would absolutely be a do or die year for Eberflus and his staff. If 1 or 3 happen, there are no questions about the QB position aside from which new guy to draft. They either got their guy in Fields or they got their guy in whichever QB they decide to roll with in April.

And round and round and round we go. 

On this note, it's officially official: it's do or die time for Fields. It already was, obviously, but these words carve it into stone for me. This is the career defining stretch of football for and the offense' successes and failures are almost squarely on his shoulders. 

At least to me they are. But I'm just some dumb guy on the internet. It's put up or shut up time. 

This offense is LARGELY on him now. It ain't on Getsy or the staff. It ain't on the OL. It's on him. Everyone's seen the screen shots of Fields not seeing open targets. He's left a ton of air yards on the field every week and to me, that's not on coaching. See the target, hit the target. 

Oh and don't forget - if/when the new QB is starting AND struggling a year from now under Eberflus and whomever his GM is, those coaches will be canned, Poles will probably be canned, and a new staff will inherit a QB they didn't draft. 

Like I said, round and round we go. 

Recording a big Mid Show now to talk about it: 


One more note - Fields is Eberflus' and Poles' guy. They already had the 1st overall pick and could have drafted CJ Stroud or Bryce Young but decided to roll with Fields instead.