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Do The Bears Have A Defensive Coordinator? Eberflus Can't Say


All things considered this has to be an ALL-TIME day at Halas Hall. Starting LT to IR would've been enough news. Then the QB kinda, sorta, threw his offensive coordinator under the bus. Checking in on the defense...Alan Williams is just...missing? Can't confirm if he's even on staff. If he were going through something personal or health related you'd think Eberflus would say "I can't speak to what is going on in specifics, but yes Alan Williams is still the DC". Simple, vague, move it along. That response was a GIANT red flag. Couple that with this cryptic tweet and it's getting fucking weird at Halas Hall

Bears fans were referencing the Trestman era when sulking post-game on Sunday. I thought that was a little crazy and premature. A missing defensive coordinator is next level though. Feels like everything is on the line on Sunday. It's either circle the wagons or the fall of Rome. 

Speaking of this video