Chris Evans Says He Is Planning on Acting Less Regularly and Wants to Just Smoke Joints

MUST BE NICE, CHRIS! Chris Evans was on the cover of GQ (looking amazing might I add) and he talked about taking less movie roles in the future. He has had so many iconic roles, like Captain America or Johnny Storm, that at this point he says that he has done his due diligence. He has also made so much money that he can probably easily stop doing movies and he would be fine. 

I guess I'm just jealous because he said that he would "like to just smoke a joint, put on some music [and] get into pottery". Yeah, Chris I would like to do that too. That sounds like the best kind of day, but wouldn't you get bored after a while? Like, you can't just make pottery every fucking day. Maybe it was that horrible movie that he was just in, Ghosted, that caused him to think like this. That was probably the worst movie I have ever seen in my life. Maybe after that, he was like you know what? I'm good. 

He also just got married to Alba Baptista so that has to factor in as well. He probably just wants to spend time with his hot new wife and make bowls for each other. 

As Kim Kardashian once said, "No one wants to work anymore. Get your ass up and work!"