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Things I Care About More Than Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift Potentially Dating


As I am writing this, KFC and Keegs are yelling at each other about Taylor Swift and Travis Kielce potentially dating. I respect the passion but I don't care at all. I think Taylor Swift is a really talented artist and I love that she writes her own songs. I also love watching Travis Kelce play football. He's the best tight end I've ever seen. He's already an automatic first ballot HOFer. I just don't care if they are fucking or who they are fucking.

Here's some things I do care a lot more about.

Lauren Boebert Is A Grandmother

JIM LO SCALZO. Shutterstock Images.

Take politics out of it. Lauren Boebert is not the image I think of when I think of a grandmother. I understand the math. She was 18 when she had her daughter who is also 18 when she had her kid. So Lauren is only 36 but it was weird enough being attracted to a politician but to be attracted to a grandma congresswoman? What does that say about me. It's bad enough having everyone who works here make fun of me for being old (even though I'm younger than Frank, Large, Kirk Minihane and Brandon Walker). When I start thinking Nana's are hot, I'm starting to think I am that old.

The New York Jets QB Situation

Giphy Images.

This has been one of primary thoughts since Aaron Rodgers didn't get up last Monday night. What able-bodied and breathing human being could potentially be the Jets QB instead of Zach Wilson? Would the 0-2 Vikings trade Kirk Cousins if they keep losing. Gardner Minshew is off the market at least until Anthony Richardson is back. I was even trying to do mental gymnastics to get myself to believe that Carson Wentz could help. He can't be any worse than Zach Wilson, right? Right? Right?

But there is really one answer that would make this season as fun as possible. Famous Jameis.


The Saints already have a backup in Taysom Hill if Derek Carr had to miss time. Jameis could absolutely help the Jets just by being his natural gunslinger self.  He was so good in 2021. I have to imagine the Jets letting him be the starter and that great defense will only help him by putting him in positions to succeed. 

1993 Florida Marlins

Focus On Sport. Getty Images.

That viral bit going around last week that men think about the Roman Empire a lot didn't really apply to me. I do spend far too much time thinking about expansion baseball teams and the 1993 Marlins specifically. I've always loved the idea of a team starting from the ground up. My greatest dream wouldn't be to win an Oscar or hit a World Series home run. I'd love to be the GM of an expansion team. Taking part in an expansion draft would be so much fun. At least once a week, I'll do a mock one on a baseball sim Out Of The Park or Baseball Mogul. It's such a fun exercise. 

The other reason I love the '93 Marlins so much is they have the best uniforms in sports. My favorite is the road uniforms. I love the look of the teal and road grays.

Focus On Sport. Getty Images.

 Killers Of The Flower Moon


Martin Scorsese. Leonardo DiCaprio. Robert DeNiro. I haven't looked forward to a movie more since Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. The great thing is Killers Of The Flower Moon comes out on October 20th. The only thing is I'm going in with such high expectations that I'm worried I'll only end up being disappointed. I almost need this movie to be awesome.

Hosting The Bracket

I had to host The Bracket today for this week's episode. KenJac was out of town and Tommy was supposed to host yesterday. There were technical issues and then we couldn't use the main studio because Rico was taping Healthy Debates. So we pushed to the morning. It was the most nervous I've been on air in months. I think The Bracket is a great show and I didn't want to fuck it up. I think the episode turned out pretty good. I hope people like it but being the host of that show is a lot harder than it looks.

Being A Top 20 Blogger

I did make the top 20 last week! But that is fleeting and it's now a new week. Stuff like the Travis Kelce/Taylor Swift possible relationship breaking the internet and me not caring makes me wince. Anytime it seems that everyone cares about something and I don't at all makes me feel older than any elderly "joke" Meek Phill attempts to tell about me. 

But I also can't imagine I'm alone in not giving a shit about these two wildly talented people maybe or maybe not going on dates. Instead, I care about the important shit. Like whether the 1993 Marlins should have traded Trevor Hoffman even if it brought them Gary Sheffield.