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A Random Woman May Have Just Completely Ended The LeBron-MJ Debate With One Of The Best Points Ever Made

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When this TikTok video came across my feed, I did not expect it to contain the greatest point ever made about the basketball GOAT debate. And yet, this woman completely shattered the conversation in a matter of seconds.

I'm sure someone out there has said this before, but I've never heard it and it honestly kinda blew my mind. So much of the Michael Jordan lore involves an element of, "You just had to be there to see it." If you remove that part of the argument, there isn't a ton left to stand on at that point. You've got a couple extra championships and worse statistics in nearly every category.

If LeBron put up the numbers he has in the 90s and then Jordan came along 10 years later and finished his career with 6,000 fewer points, 4,000 fewer rebounds, 5,000 fewer assists and eight fewer All-NBA teams, people would think you were a moron to even bring up a comparison between the two. And if they were being compared at all and Jordan retired to try to play baseball, he would have been skewered unlike anything you've ever seen before.

This woman's "unpopular opinion" is better than 90 percent of the takes in sports media right now. She would put Skip Bayless in a blender.