Every Day It Becomes Clearer That The NFL Planted The Kelces On Us, Started Their Podcast, And Scripted Them To Face Off In The Super Bowl

I have been saying this for a while and before I keep going with this blog let me just say that I actually like the Kelces. I think I would be great friends with Travis but that is besides the point. I said this last year but when is the last time you knew anything about a center in the NFL? The last center that I can really think of that had any notability was Jeff Saturday. The only reason I knew Jason Kelce is because I am a Giants fan, so we have played against him for the past 10 years. But something made me put my tinfoil hat on.

Amazon, who is in cahoots with the NFL because all the Thursday night games are on Amazon, filmed Jason Kelce all of last year for a show on Prime despite nobody really knowing who he was. 

There really is all only one explanation for all of this and it's that the NFL saw the Kelces as the perfect people to push the league, got behind their podcast, and wrote last season's script so the Chiefs and Eagles would play each other in the Super Bowl.   I actually get annoyed with people who think that games are fixed since I don't believe that. But in what world would any network think following around a NFL center would be a good show? You wouldn't even get a meeting if this was presented to anybody. But guess what would? If you go in and say "Listen we are going to start a podcast with the Kelce Brothers and they are going to go to the Super Bowl and have brothers playing against each other for the 1st time in NFL history". 

This is too big of a coincidence where they end up becoming the biggest names in football and now Travis is being linked to Taylor Swift. Jason Kelce as an NFL center should not be known more than some NFL quarterbacks. They are a plant in the system and the NFL is pulling the strings behind the scenes. Next thing you know Donna Kelce is going to be the next commissioner. 

It's hard to talk about because Jason Kelce is one of the most likable guys out there and I heard the documentary is fantastic. This has nothing to do with who they are as people. This is about the NFL being behind something bigger than both of them. There is just no way everything happened the way it has happened right after they started their podcast without the NFL being involved.