WATCH: This Halftime Speech By Kirby Smart When Georgia Was Trailing South Carolina Is Why He's A Mastermind Of A Coach And An All-Time Motivator

This was SPECIAL by Kirby Smart. I don't think anyone on the planet thought that South Carolina had a chance to hold off Georgia in the second half, and that increased about a zillion fold when you realize this is what he's pumping into his players at half. Unless you live under a rock, you know that it absolutely worked to a tee and they came out and dominated the Gamecocks to the tune of allowing zero second half points. Legendary shit.

Everyone loves cliches on this blog, so let me be the first to say I was ready to run through a brick wall after this. Why would you ever want to play for Saban over this guy? He's Saban on steroids. No disrespect to one of the greats but it's night and day. I might start yelling "one more moment" at everyone at the Barstool office. We're not outcome related. We're worried about winning one more moment. 

I like this era of college football where we see shit like this. It might be a little bit of credit to Deion for no other reason than recency bias, but we're in good hands this season with the storylines. Neither of them needs help recruiting, but how are Colorado or Georgia not an automatic from you if they're offered to play for guys like this? Effort is the great equalizer and these guys suck it out of their players! On that note, I wanna see what South Carolina was saying at half when they were leading Georgia in Athens. I know someone had the cameras out, so let's see what they said before they got the can of whoop ass opened on them! It's only right.