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'Fuck Me? Fuck You!' Umpire Phil Cuzzi Had An All-Time Ejection In Houston

Holy shit, this rocks. I know we get on umpires a lot — and rightfully so, many of them suck and make baseball more frustrating than it needs to be — but you gotta tip your cap when one of them catches a W.

Everything about this ejection is perfect. Phil Cuzzi's arm motions that are perfectly in sync with his lines. The subtle, "Yeah," and head nod after he knows he just dropped a banger. This is a perfect 10.

Baseball would skyrocket in popularity if every umpire was mic'd and we could hear every interaction that leads to an ejection. It would also create some accountability if the umps knew it would be all over social media if they threw somebody out for something soft. Everybody wins.

I'm going to be thinking about, "Fuck me? Fuck you!" for the rest of the day. Just unreal delivery. Bravo.