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Meek Mill Is Being Criticized For Trying To Haggle With A Small Business Owner Despite Being Worth Millions

Hot take: I love this move by Meek Mill. How do you think he got his millions? By paying full price for Sunkist, Hubba Bubba gum, and M&Ms? Nope. I thought this was also a repost because I swear a few weeks ago I saw a video of Meek doing the exact same thing at like a sneaker convention or something. Turns out I was right and this is new, but the old video is a goodie too:

“If I could buy ’em from the store for the regular price, why would I buy them here for $500? And give you a free commercial — that’s a bad move. I gotta teach you how to hustle,” he began. “You want the $500? I could buy these from the store right now for $300. You want $500? It’s a bad move. I’ma buy ’em from you but that’s a bad sale.”

Meek continued: “You supposed to give ’em to Meek Mill for the low and get the commercial. Boom, I might come back and buy more.”

This is just the definition of no free ads. You want him in your presence and aren't giving a discount? That's a bad sale. Business 101. The rich stay rich. The funniest part about this whole thing is he posts these as like hustle inspiration while some poor sucker wants him to just pay the like 30% markup on a $10 sale and then ends up getting ridiculed every time. He's gonna get a deal every single time. Hustle culture is real! 

P.S. I kept almost typing Meek Phil in this dumb blog because of our social guy that has captured the attention of Boss Man and Stoolies alike. There's no reason he should have real estate in my brain like this to where I almost misspell the name of one of the most famous rappers. I need to touch some non Barstool grass.