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Jason Kelce "Confirms" Travis & Taylor Swift Are Dating, Another Day Where I Have To Give The Kelce Brothers Attention That They Don't Deserve

Again, is this from Taylor's mouth? Is this even from Travis' mouth? No. I'm so fucking sick of these two creating a media storm for themselves while Taylor works her fucking ass off for the Swifties. She broke GOOGLE yesterday but we give a fuck about what Jason Kelce says on some random radio show? Okay. 

Why else would they be doing this? Why aren't they just avoiding questions? The Kelce brothers have zero fucking chill. Absolutely none. If I'm Taylor, and I AM "dating" Travis, I dump him now. This behavior is insane. 

UPDATE: People are trying to say he says he's "kidding" in this clip. I don't hear it. And if someone at this radio station clipped it up for clicks? I hate it even more. Does Gaz work for local Philly radio now?