Tom Brady Announces His Decision On Playing For The Jets

Well, that possibility was short-lived... It would have been way too perfect, or as Peyton put it: Illegal

Could Brady make a huge difference in the Jets' Offense? Well to be honest, no he could not. The offensive line sucks. We would benefit more as a team from having an improved front 5, and better offensive playcalling. Breece Hall led the league in rushing week 1, how does he not get the ball more this week?

Also, a Tom Brady Jets stint may ruin his legacy. I mean the whole retirement saga with the "Is he retired, is he not, now he's coming back" was tough. Brett Favre's retirement was pretty messy. Brady has escaped that whole thing with a couple of scrapes but to trot him out with the Jets O-Line would be feeding him to the wolves. I don't care how much TB12 he does; Brady took time off and has definitely lost a couple of steps. He would get obliterated and look foolish. People would remember him not as the 7 time Super Bowl winner and 3 time NFL MVP, but as a feeble old man stupid enough to go play in a young man's game. 

Also, some Patriots fans are acting like it would not bother them but it would absolutely bother them. 

Imagine if Brady came out this weekend against the Patriots and beat them with the Jets for the first time since 2015. It's been 14 games since the Jets won, and the people of Boston would be devastated. They wouldn't recover, Belichick might even retire because of it. It would be bedlam in Boston. 

Honestly, Our current QB played the best out of any QB in NYC against the best pass rush, I am riding with Wilson. Daniel Jones looked way worse against the Cowboys than he did. 


Plus he can deal with a pass rush with mobility way better than Brady.