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Kim Kardashian And OBJ Are Reportedly Getting To Know One Another And My Ravens Future Could Be In Trouble

I really can't believe I am writing this, but honestly I feel like I have to because I have a future on the Baltimore Ravens. This doesn't surprise me one bit since they are both very famous and very famous people date each other. 

What a weird report that is to say they're "hanging out." Its like when you are in middle school and you hear two people are hanging out and you think its fucking insane someone is chilling with a girl. This is why the world is so bizarre. Like who is the source in all of this? Did someone just see them riding bikes together?

I am a big OBJ fan, but I don't think this is good for my future on the Ravens to win the Super Bowl. He's already sprained his ankle. The one thing I have on my side is that I don't think Kim K is going to want to hangout in Baltimore. When you are that rich you aren't willingly going to Baltimore. Maybe they will wait until the season is over and they can go hang out in LA. Listen the Kardashian curse is real in basketball and I don't need it interfering with the Ravens. They look really sharp right now, but these distractions can cause some real harm to the team. If she shows up at a game its all over. The focus of the players will vanish in a second and all the attention will shift to those two. Might as well light my ticket on fire if that happens. My only saving grace is that she is a busy women who doesn't want to go to Baltimore. I hope they are real happy after the season, just not right now.