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Taylor Swift Fans Broke Google's Servers While Using The Platform To Search For Unreleased Track Clues (From The Vault)

It was only a matter of time. Today, Taylor's team announced a fun, interactive way for fans to decode a bunch of puzzles made up by Taylor herself, with the hopes of completing "33 million" puzzles, and Taylor releasing the 1989 (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault) track titles. All you had to do, was Google "Taylor Swift."

You would then answer each puzzle in the search bar, and continue on from there. It was rumored that there were 89 different puzzles to complete. I would say around....2pm? The vaults weren't showing up, people couldn't put their answers in the right way, and generally, it looked like there was a Glitch (pun intended.)

I didn't have to wait for tomorrow! I'm currently writing this at 6:45pm, and Taylor Allison Swift and all of us Swifties, have broken Google. GOOGLE! GOOGLE IS BROKEN BECAUSE OF TAYLOR SWIFT. 

But yea, sure, let's fucking go on about who she may or may not be dating right now. HAHAHAHAH. Fucking losers. MOTHER REIGNS SUPREME!!!!!