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Derrick Brown Went After Michael Thomas In The Tunnel Following Last Night's Saints-Panthers Game

Even though there was no actual fight, that was way more entertaining than last night's Saints-Panthers game. Okay that's not saying much but I love this video for so many reasons, with the most obvious one being hearing Michael Thomas say "Westside Crip gang" in his Baby Yoda voice. 

I always forget Thomas has that voice after watching him slant NFL teams to death now that he's actually back on the football field. But hearing that voice come out of a mouth of a man that just spent three hours making other superhuman athletes look silly is like watching one of those YouTube videos where they put rap music behind cartoons.

Next up, I am in awe of Michael Thomas' backpedal game. Speed. Precision. Seamless change of direction. Coach Prime couldn't have taught a better technique and I think it's pretty clear Thomas would've been a hell of a DB if he wasn't born with All-Pro receiver hands.

Finally, while I would've loved to have seen an actual fight video between two NFL players because it would've been Clicks City for me, I love that the only thing stopping Derrick Brown from Hulk Smashing Michael Thomas was this dude in the black shirt.

I'm sure that man is strong as hell and may even be able to diffuse a situation with words. But it's always hilarious to see someone like Derrick Brown, whose entire career is devoted to moving past people trying to block him in order to smash his opponent, get held back by someone half his size. Or maybe he didn't want to pay Goodell a shit ton of fine money for fighting at an NFL game or get charged for murder since I'm pretty sure Michael Thomas would turn into Thanos dust if he got punched by Derrick Brown based on Brown's size and Thomas' injury history.


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Yeah that's probably it. Anyway, I'm gonna watch more of those cartoon rap videos now and I suggest you do the same.