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Deion Sanders Says That Shedeur And Shilo Will Not Be Going To The NFL Next Year

I'm going to need the Sanders family to have their own reality show soon because I wanted more of this conversation. I mean could imagine with Shedeur keeps this up and wins the Heisman? Deion is really going to keep him from going pro? Come on. 

I think Deion knows to keep Colorado relevant he needs Shedeur. Give him one more year to recruit another QB to take his place so their momentum stops after just the 2023 season. Still, that conversation is something else. Like your kid confused that you won't let them go to the mall with their friends, except this is the National Football League. 

Listen this QB class coming up is really stacked at the top and he'll still have Travis Hunter at his disposal next year, so it might not be the worst idea to stay. Doesn't seem like Deion was giving him any choice though. He shut that shit down right then and there. For his other son Shilo though, he's playing for his 3rd college team and I feel like he should do whatever his dad wants him to do. He will probably make more money staying at Colorado anyways. Thats why it really doesn't matter what Shedeur does because he is going to make a shit ton of money in college also. With how crazy this Colorado hype train is and the popularity they've already gathered, why hop off? Must be so sick to be playing for that team right now. Deion Sanders is a wizard.