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#HealthyDebate: Is Rico Bosco's New Show 'Healthy Debates' Going To Destroy Barstool From Within?

The great thing about #HealthyDebates is that you can say anything you want, and as long as the premise is #HealthyDebate, nobody can get mad at you. You can just pose whatever question you'd like, give the craziest take you have, and as long as you declare that you're having a #HealthyDebate, then you're simply having a reasonable, adult conversation

So, #HealthyDebate - is the hit new rocket ship of a YouTube show 'Healthy Debates' going to bring Barstool Sports to its knees?

I'm just a fly on the wall here at Barstool Sports. I simply sit at my desk, mind my own business, and write my little blogs that for reasons I don't fully understand people keep reading. At least sometimes. Where I sit, I have a perfect view of the office. I'm right in the middle of everything. I can overhear conversations on both sides of the room, I have a great view of Barstool Radio. Location wise, I'm right in the mix. So I feel like I have a decent grasp on what's going on around here. 

Let me preface this blog my saying, Barstool Sports has A LOT of great shows. Off the top of my head I can't think of a single show in the history of Barstool Sports that isn't consistently producing A+ ground breaking content. A lot of different people are involved in these shows. They all look like a lot of fun. I'd love to be on one someday. 

One show we have is called The Bracket. Fantastic programming. The show started back in 2021. It features a handful of Barstool Sports personalities discussing topics such as, 'What Is The Best Brand Mascot' and "What Is The Best Purple Thing'. Ironically enough, the whole show is one big #HealthyDebate. Since The Bracket was created, it has been recorded late Tuesday afternoon in the "radio room" (i.e. the room where The Yak was). 

But no longer is that the case. Because there's a new sheriff in town Monday-Thursday at 4 PM EST

The Bracket has been bumped from the radio room to the center of the office. From what I gather, The Bracket much preferred the radio room. But no longer is it available, because the radio room is now for #HealthyDebates.

So… #HealthyDebate - who deserves the radio room on Tuesday afternoon?

On one hand you have The Bracket, a pre-recorded show that features the likes of Kenjac (Host), Tommy Smokes, Nick, KB, Marty Mush, Chris Klemmer, Francis, Dana Beers, Feitelberg, etc. Roughly 80% of the office is actively involved in the show.

On the other hand you have Healthy Debates, a live call-in show that features the likes of Rico Bosco, Noah from Iowa, Rich from Atlantic City, Mike from New Jersey, Benny from New Jersey, Vinny From Long Island, Bolt from Dallas, and Don from New York.

I'm not saying one show is more deserving than the other show. I'm just asking questions. It's nothing more than a #HealthyDebate we can have amongst ourselves. Maybe Lorenzo from The Bronx will call in to Healthy Debates one day to ask Rico personally.

But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried that #HealthyDebates is going to bring down the company. Today, technical difficulties arose as a result of the new recording schedule, and The Bracket was unable to record from the center of the office. Recording was pushed back to 9:30 AM tomorrow. Now members of The Bracket will be forced to wake up at the crack of dawn. Disaster situation.

And to make matters much, much worse, due to a scheduling conflict Tommy Smokes will no longer be appearing on The Bracket, and will be replaced by the guy who fills the water bottle for the last man on the bench, John Rich. Can Barstool Sports survive on the back of John Rich's "What's The Best Thing To Do On Rollerblades", take? I severely doubt it.

The Bracket isn't the only show involved in the radio room drama either. Not sure if you were on today, but there was an ALARMING #HealthyDebate going on in the replies. Without looking, if you could have guessed the two people/shows involved, I'd have given you 2 million dollars and a hummer (blow job not car). 

#HEALTHYDEBATE!!! The healthiest debate these eyes have ever seen. In one corner you have the loud mouthed, controversy seeking Lil Sasquatch, flapping his gums about Son Of A Boy Dad's fancy new start time. In the other corner you have Barstool Super Fan, defender of what is right, and father of TJ from The Yak, Tim Hitchings.

I think it's clear to everyone that Tim Hitchings' is a Ryder under direct orders from Rico Bosco to be-rid of ANY Barstool Sports program who dares impede on the run time of our newest cash cow 'Healthy Debates'. I could be wrong about that. I don't know for certain whether or not Rico Bosco is actively sticking his goons on people. It's just a #HealthyDebate. 

Will Barstool be able to survive the #HealthyDebate era? Or will Rico Bosco and his Ryders pick off shows one by one until Barstool Sports no longer exists, #HealthyDebates is the only show remaining, and we all become direct employees of Rico Bosco?

Debate healthily in the comments, and be sure to tune into #HealthyDebates Monday-Thursday at 4 PM.